“Sauce Snob”

The "Sauce Snob"

I had two wonderful days showcasing my sauce in the Adams Fairacre Farms in both Newburgh and Kingston this weekend.  Talking to people while they experience 825 MAIN Marinara is so much fun!  I love hearing people’s stories! My favorite story was from an Italian woman who was born in the Campania region of Italy.  She exclaimed that although she makes her own sauce she likes to try bottled sauces to see if her sauce has any competition.  So as I gladly handed her a sample, she shared with me how she brings her family to her hometown in Italy every summer. Her passion for food was evident as her face lit up with excitement as she recalled all the regional foods she introduces her family to. She even went so far as to explain that her home space is taken up with a huge kitchen.  I watched her face carefully as she put the spoon to her lips, eagerly waiting for her nod of approval.  In the typical way that an Italian would nod with that little shrug meaning “it’s good but not as good as mine”, the mom tried to delicately give me her critique. I didn’t take any offense explaining that 825 MAIN Marinara is supposed to be a marinara sauce that one uses when they don’t want to sacrifice taste for time. But the funniest thing about this cute woman was that it wasn’t enough to give me just her opinion, she quickly called her kids over to try the sauce.  She needed her kids to rate my sauce against her sauce.  So as her children (all young adults)  tried my sauce their faces lit up and said “Mom! This sauce is really good!”  The woman got a little sheepish but was a good sport about it. I couldn’t help but react with the biggest smile on my face but quickly toned it down as she glanced over at me.  It turns out that the family was in Adams shopping for dinner.  They have a summer home in Woodstock and all six kids were visiting and mom needed to make dinner.   To make me feel better the mom picked up a jar.   But what was even funnier was that the kids came back behind her and picked up another jar.  As they left my sampling table they all cheered me on. Later the mom came back and apologized. She said her kids called her a “sauce snob”.  I told her I was not offended at all! We quickly bonded over our love for food and a quest to serve our family only the best. The only difference between her and me is that my mission is to share my delicious sauce with all of you. As I think back over this weekend’s stories I am empowered by my accomplishment!  I convinced a “sauce snob” to buy not one jar but 2 jars of 825 MAIN Marinara.  Now that’s what I call a great weekend!