Understanding Olive Oil

For the past five years, I have been doing seminars for our local farm market. I concentrate on sharing inside information that I have learned from my passion for food. This year I decided to investigate olive oils from around the world. With all this hype on olive oils lately what do we really know about them? … Read more

Sfogliatelle (say what?)

a dish with two Sfogliatelles, dusted with powdered sugar

  I grew up in a big Italian family where English was not spoken in the house. My big Italian family consisted of not only my parents but also my grandparents, 7 aunts and 7 uncles, all of whom were Italian immigrants just entering the US. I was the first born American in our family. As much … Read more

My Brilliant Mamma

Mint Cicken

This dish is a family favorite! I can remember my grandfather starting the grill. He didn’t use charcoal just wood in a barbecue pit. The mint pesto was made with his own white wine vinegar which was way stronger than commercial vinegar. He used it whole chicken or fish. My version is adapted to make it a quick meal on your stove top. Enjoy!

Easter Monday – Pasquetta

Pasquetta cooked and straight out of the oven

Growing up my mom always referred to the Monday after Easter as Lunedi in Albis (Monday in White). But as a national holiday throughout Italy, it’s called Pasquetta (Little Easter). After the somber week of reflecting on Jesus dying for us and rising from the dead the Italians get together informally on the Monday after Easter. They enjoy heading outdoors to enjoy the spring sunshine and warm breezes with family and friends, packing up the leftovers from the Easter feast into picnic baskets.

Un’Caffe! Please!

a cup of espresso with an s cookie

As I sit here with my cup of espresso made with my moka pot, dunking an S shaped Italian cookie into the espresso, I pretend I am gazing at the Mediterranean Sea alongside my sister.

Let’s bake while we wait!

Cream puffs

     It’s been such a whirlwind of a few months. I am writing this blog post today sitting at my desk. But if all was right with the world, I would it to be sitting under a lemon tree on the Island of Ischia in Italy with my beautiful sister. In January while the news from China … Read more

Tour of Northern Italy’s Pasta and Sauces

Teresa Coppola-Morgan giving a demonstration at Adams Fairacre Farms

These past two weekends I enjoyed giving seminars to the customers of Adams Fairacre Farms in Poughkeepsie and in Wappinger Falls. During the dreary winter months in January and February Adams Fairacre Farms gives the customers an opportunity to learn and enjoy some interesting subjects!  I was invited to share what I know as well. So I … Read more


my great grandfather on my mother’s side, a fisherman

Tradition! It’s the fuel to follow your dreams!

Dolce e Gabbana Meets 825 MAIN Marinara Sauce

825 MAIN Marinara Sauce meets Dolce e Gabbana! As we were leaving Italy this past spring, after visiting my sister Giovanna, a boutique in the Napoli airport jumped out at me! We got to the airport in plenty of time and as we settled into our gate’s waiting area, I told my husband that I … Read more