About Me

Teresa Coppola Morgan, Founder and Owner of 825 Main Products
Teresa Coppola-Morgan

My name is Teresa Coppola-Morgan. I raised a family, ran a restaurant with my husband… and 50 years went by. Life happened and our goals changed, so we retired from the restaurant business. But I haven’t stopped being who I grew to be – a food connoisseur. I have this need to share my upbringing. In life, where processed foods take the place of real food for the sake of convenience, we forget how delicious real food can really be. I want to show that it is possible to live with good taste in our fast-paced world.

Allow me to share with you how I came to be who I am today. I grew up in a family where everyone was involved in the food industry. From chefs and butchers to farmers including the aspect of selling and growing to cooking, a family get together was a huge gastronomical experience.

Since my parents are from the Campania region of Italy, I’ve traveled eating from table to table throughout southern Italy since I was a little girl and I’ve become accustomed to the true spirit of Italian Mediterranean cooking.

The Coppola family enjoys dinner together in Italy

I came to the realization in my retirement that I want to go back to my roots by the way we meticulously hand-selected all the ingredients for our cooking.

In our busy world why do we have to compromise eating healthy and tasty with convenience. All the ingredients in the 825 MAIN Sauces used are non GMO. I strictly adhere to my back to basics rule by bringing you the very best without using any additives. The sauces are also gluten free. Simplicity is the key and only the finest and freshest ingredients are used. Fresh basil from the Hudson Valley and fresh garlic from New York farms are used when in season.

From my table to your table at home allow me to share with you “la vita gustosa.”

Please take a jar of our 825 MAIN Sauces and introduce your family to la vita gustosa, a tasty life.
Vivi con Gusto!