Vivi Con Gusto!

By naturally combining a few fresh, quality ingredients, 825 Main has created two sauces so full of extraordinary flavor that one taste and you’ll be living la vita gustosa (a tasteful life).

Introduce your family and friends to a zestful life full of taste. And you’ll be sure to say, “Vivi con Gusto!”

825 Main Tomato Sauce made with all natural ingredients

Marinara Sauce

Not just a pasta sauce—This sauce is chunky, with sweet and mild garlic. Add to meats, seafood and vegetables.

Pizza Margherita

Not just for pizza. Our Pizza Margherita sauce is a smooth creamy pasta sauce, too, with a robust taste of garlic.

How To Make Great Meals with 825 Main Sauces

In addition to being a great pasta sauce, 825 Main Marinara can also be used in a variety of recipes. And our Pizza Margherita sauce isn’t just for pizza, either. We invite you to try one of our many recipes using our versatile sauce. And if you’ve got recipes of your own you’d like to share, please do.

825 Main Marinara and Margarita Pizza Sauces