Synchronicity is an experience in your life when 2 or more events that have absolutely no relation to each other occur together in a “meaningful coincidence.” – Carl Jung

I want to tell you about the oddest coincidence that happened in our restaurant a few years ago. While my oldest son was attending the Naval Academy pulling an all-nighter working on a paper, he called me up at 2am. He needed a sounding board to go over the paper with me because it wasn’t flowing right. His paper was on the French Jewish Resistance during WW2.

I was a business major and clueless on history. I couldn’t help with adding factual information but I just listened while he talked himself to organizing his paper. Mind you this was occurring at 2am and although woken from my sound sleep I was more than happy to be able to help my son. I was fascinated learning all about the French Jewish Resistance in the wee hours of the morning.

I learned that France was conquered by Nazi Germany in June 1940 and was divided into two parts: the northern region, which was under direct German rule, and the southern one, where a so-called Free French regime. The persecutions of the Jews followed a similar pattern to the persecutions in other occupied countries. There was the creation of detention camps, and massive deportations of Jews to the concentration camps in Eastern Europe. Out of a community of about three hundred thousand Jews in France on the eve of the war, 76,000 including 10,000 children, were deported. Most perished in the camps. Only about 3 percent returned. It could have been even worse if it wasn’t for the French Jewish Resistance. They rescued thousands of adults and children by providing them with hiding places or forged papers, and organized convoys to Switzerland and Spain. They formed guerrilla organizations in the main cities of France and in the mountains. They maintained a network of secret agents who transferred money from Switzerland to France and supplied it for the various underground activities and needs.

Here’s where Synchronicity took place at Coppola’s. It was the very next day at work. I sat 2 people at a nice table by the window. Explaining to me in their French accents (BTW I love French accents) that they were meeting for their annual get together. As they oo la la’d sharing their story that they met for the first time during WW2 in France. The woman told me how she was part of the underground in France that ushered the Jews to safety. Every year she meets up with her friend that she helped during WW2. I was floored! What was this! I just learned about this the night before. Was this coincidence? Was this ESP! No! It’s synchronicity!

I had the most eerie feeling as I listened to their story with my mouth wide open! Had I not listened to Joe that night reiterate his paper about the French Jewish Resistance I would not have had the nicest conversation with this interesting couple. I stood captivated. If I had it my way I would have been sitting down with them listening to their conversation. But then again – I wouldn’t have understood a word since they were speaking in French. I also had to remind myself that they came to have dinner and visit with each other. I don’t think they would appreciate me acting as if I was also part of the French Resistance.

It never ceases to amaze how interesting our customers are and how interesting their lives are. What an eclectic mix of characters and how their lives intertwine with mine! What reasons are there for accepting synchronicity as an explanation for what happened at Coppola’s Restaurant? What it explains is that I was able to find meaning and significance where there is none. Having been born into the restaurant business, my whole life has evolved around it. So much so that a mere coincidence of lovingly being my son’s sounding board one early Thursday morning resulted in having a wonderful meeting with The Jewish French Resistance the very next day at Coppola’s!