Enjoy Some Funk with Bridge Music and Pasta!

When my husband and I got married in November 1980 our friend Joe Bertolozzi played the organ at our wedding. He played Mozart’s Joy as we walked out of the church. He played so beautifully and magnificently we wanted to go back in and enjoy the rest of his rendition.

When Joe came in a few years ago wanting to promote his Bridge Funk Music we jumped at the chance. He had a marketing campaign with some of the area’s restaurants to come up with a dish promoting Joe’s Bridge Funk Music. Bridge Music allows listeners to hear the bridge played like a musical instrument. The work was created for New York’s 400th anniversary observance of Henry Hudson’s voyage up the Hudson River. Originally intended to be a live performance piece, this “audacious plan” (New York Times) to compose music for a suspension bridge using the bridge itself as the instrument brought Bertolozzi wide international attention. A recording of the results, the 2009 CD “Bridge Music” (on the Delos label DE1045), entered the Billboard Classical Crossover Music Chart at  #18, and has been released globally.

Jim came up with a dish called Funk Pasta to help market Joe’s famous Bridge Funk Music. This dish became so popular that even after the promotion was over, people are still asking for it! It’s a great summer dish and Jim usually puts it on the menu during summer months. He uses fusilli pasta (corkscrew-shaped pasta) with fresh lemon juice and a dab of marinara, adding smoked mozzarella cheese, provolone, prosciutto, salami, artichoke hearts, green olives and chicken. As long as we have all the ingredients we will happily make it for our customers even if its not on the menu.

Joe Bertolozzi and his mom are loyal customers who enjoy a little bit of Funk! Check out Joe’s Funk Bridge Music on YouTube. And don’t be shy if you don’t see Funk Pasta on our seasonal menu. All you have to do is ask for it. We will gladly make it for you provided we have all the ingredients.