John Travolta!!

Did you all know that John Travolta came to have dinner at our restaurant? Yes! He did… he really really did! It was in 1985. James Cagney was John Travolta’s idol. So he came to Dutchess County to visit James Cagney and of course Mr. Cagney brought him to his favorite Italian restaurant.

Naturally, I couldn’t miss this opportunity to see John Travolta. When I look back now and read about John Travolta he was experiencing some movie flops in the ’80s. But I didn’t consider any of this because all I knew him was as Vinnie Barbarino in Welcome Back Kotter, Saturday Night Fever, Grease and The Urban Cowboy.

was very patient not interrupting him while he was having his dinner. I waited until he was walking out the door. I excitedly screamed “John Travolta!!!!!”. I must have said it a little too loud… actually I screamed it. Well the poor guy was startled and he looked scared. I must have used my loud Italian soprano voice because he was looking for the nearest exit.

Sensing his unwillingness to talk to me in the crazy state I was in, I immediately calmed down and sweetly asked him for an autograph. He took a big sigh of relief and signed my Coppola’s Menu.¬†Of course he was just as handsome as in the movies but I was very surprised as to how slight he looked. I wonder if that is why he was nicknamed “Bone” while he was growing up?

Needless to say I remember every detail of that day. I even know exactly what I was wearing. That beautiful cobalt blue silk scarf reminds me of the day I met John Travolta and it has a special place in my closet!

Speaking of being surprised how slight John Travolta was I have to remember to tell you about the actors from Vassar’s Powerhouse Theater that came in one afternoon to have lunch.