Holy Trinity Church and Martin Sheen

With Charlie Sheen headlining all news stories lately I thought of the day his dad, Martin Sheen came for dinner at our restaurant. It was May 27, 1983. I was expecting my first born son and was quite a spectacle. When I think back I don’t know what I was thinking that instead hiding out at home I was right in the middle of everything and in the way of everybody.

James Cagney was a regular at the restaurant, arranging a dinner party with Martin Sheen as a guest. Of course I was taking up space in the foyer and I couldn’t help but get Martin Sheen’s attention. He asked when the baby was due and hoped that I could wait till August 3rd, his birthday. I exclaimed that I didn’t think I could last that long but would be honored if my baby could share his birthday. Little did I know I was pretty close to that date when I had Joe. Joe was born July 25th.

While waiting for the rest of the dinner party to show up some of the guests were at the bar along with Martin Sheen. While everyone was enjoying cocktails Mr. Sheen suddenly got up off the barstool and told them he had to do an errand. He came up to me and asked where the nearest church was. I directed him to Holy Trinity and he came back later to join the dinner party. I thought how interesting that he provided no explanation but just excused himself making going to church a priority. Remind me to tell you about James Cagney next…