Marsala Wine and Mushroom Sauce Recipe

Hi everyone!

I decided to change things up from the garlic and oil based recipes for this week.  Instead I thought I would share another popular sauce from the restaurant. Marsala Wine and Mushroom Sauce! We used it on Veal Scaloppini and also on chicken, shrimp, scallops,filet of sole and even pasta!  I thought I would use veal in this recipe.  In the restaurant we used the best milk fed veal to get the most tender pieces.  For the home cook it may be a little harder to get the best veal.  I tried two different local grocery stores to get the veal and neither were labeled milk fed.  You can tell by the color of the veal if it’s milk fed. Milk fed veal has a pink color and more expensive than the grass fed version.  The prices ranged from $14.99 to $18.99 a pound.  I tried both and the milk fed was much more tender.  They are both labeled as veal cutlets and the better quality one was labeled veal cutlet top round.  You only need a pound to serve 4 people.

Take a veal cutlet and cut it in half across the grain to make a smaller piece called a medallion. A pound of veal should yield 12 medallions.

marsala wine and mushrooms 004

Pound each piece with a meat tenderizer with the side with small teeth about 3-4 times each side.

marsala wine and mushrooms 005

Object is to make small round medallions.  Salt and dredge the medallions in flour.

marsala wine and mushrooms 006

Fry the prepared veal in canola oil.  The veal is thin so it’s less than a minute on each

marsala wine and mushrooms 008

marsala wine and mushrooms 009

Marsala Wine and Mushroom Sauce

½ cup salted butter (8 Tbs)
1 cup of veal stock or chicken stock (unsalted)
6 oz of Marsala Wine ( dry not sweet) (grocery store cooking marsala wine is fine)
6 dashes Tabasco Sauce
¼  tsp salt
1 Tbs chopped Italian parsley
10 oz (weight)  of sliced white mushrooms  (6 large)

Prepare the veal ( or Chicken, pork,shrimp,scallops, or filet of sole).  Salt the veal and dredge in flour. Fry in canola oil.

Pour out oil from the skillet and deglaze with Marsala Wine.

marsala wine and mushrooms 010

Clean off mushrooms with a damp paper towel.  Don’t wash them or they will absorb all the water.  Then slice.

marsala wine and mushrooms 003

Add the meat back in the skillet.

Add the rest of the ingredients,  butter, stock, Tabasco, salt, parsley and mushrooms.

marsala wine and mushrooms 011

Simmer on medium heat for 10 minutes and remove the veal.

marsala wine and mushrooms 013

Continue to simmer for 2 minutes longer to thicken the sauce.

marsala wine and mushrooms 014

and then pour the sauce over the veal and serve.

veal marsala

You can also double the sauce and serve it over pasta.