First Day of Spring

Buon Giorno,

Aahh the first day of spring brings us all the excitement of new and fresh…………We are starting all our herbs for our herb garden. Basil, parsley, arrugula,etc. I hope our sage and rosemary come back. The mint is starting to peek through and will soon overtake the garden if we let it. Fresh herbs from the garden just make all of our entrees just that much tastier. Store bought is good but it just isn’t the same as from the garden. Did you ever notice that the store bought basil is so bland? You need a whole handful to get just a faint aroma from them. A basil leaf from your own garden is all that it takes to  make a favorite dish “pop with flavor”. Until our garden is flourishing may you have a Bella Vita Gustosa!


Basil, basilico or as they say in napolitana  – b(v)asinicola. Well,  in napolitana I was never sure if they say it with a v or a b. I love this herb! It is considered the “king of herbs” by cooking authors.  The tender light green silky leaves taste like anise. It has a strong pungent sweet aroma. Adding it to a tomato and mozzarella brings the salad to life. Tomato sauce without basil is like a book with blank pages.  Ce bisogno basilico per una vita gustosa!!

La Vita Gustosa

We can’t think of a more approriate title for our restaurants blog. La Vita Gustosa means a tasty life in Italian. Food and living go hand in hand. Can anyone honestly remember a celebration that did not involve food? If you were brought up in an Italian family then there is no way that special occasion did not revolve around food. Close your eyes and think of a pleasant memory.

Let me share with you one of my pleasant memories…
Waking up on a Sunday morning hearing my mother singing  along to the songs on the Italian radio station. And smelling the most delicious aromas coming from the kitchen. No not bacon! But tomato sauce simmering on the stove. A perfect blend of tomatoes, onions, garlic and basil. I hear the crackling and spattering of  frying. No not bacon! Meatballs! And thats my special memory. A busy kitchen full of music, aromas, and love.

Questa e la mia vita gustosa…